Custom Acrylic Fabrication

The possibilities are endless when using acrylic.

We can bend, shape, mold and cut acrylic into anything that you can imagine. Whether you need something replicated in acrylic or made from a drawing or an image you downloaded – we can help make it happen. The uses for acrylic are unlimited, some popular products are listed below.

  • Marine Visors, Weatherproof Dashboards & Covers, Hardware
  • Restaurant Display Cases & Menu Holders and Accessories
  • Retail Displays Units
  • Bulk Bins & Containers
  • Dust Protection Boxes
  • Keepsake and Museum Boxes
  • Custom Office Items
  • Sign Covers
  • Shelving
  • Cut to size
covid protection


Acrylic is the perfect material for protecting against the spread of Covid-19 in your home, office or retail space.

We work with a great variety of industries that benefit from having custom acrylic pieces that exactly match their specifications and needs.

marine acrylic fabrication

Marine Acrylic Fabrication

show pieces

Museum and Art Gallery Acrylic

security acrylic

Acrylic Fabrication for Security

retail acrylic

Retail Acrylic Showcases

acrylic lighting fixtures

Acrylic Lighting Fixtures

food display containers

Food Display Containers

art and design

Acrylic Fabrication for Galleries & Museums

acrylic signage

Custom Acrylic Signage

Some of the popular colours that acrylic is available in shown below.

If you don’t see what you’re wanting, please contact us, more choices are available.

Send us your ideas and what you need and we can find a solution custom made for you.